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Hi! I'm Christi

I haven't always been organized. It's true. I'm normal like the rest of us.

Years ago, I was a hot mess. (psh. I still am!) I was loosing things and buying things I already had. SO FRUSTRAITING! And then we moved, and moved again, and again... and also had kids. Again. I was loosing my mind! When I learned there was such a thing as a professional organizer (who knew?!) I reached out to her and quickly got life back in order. Finally - Relief!

THIS is why I love helping others.

I understand your frustrations because I have been in your shoes.

Truth is, anyone can decide to become an organizer. I wanted to better myself by taking specialized training thru NAPO and over the years I have earned certificates to help me better help my clients. This is very specific to addressing the needs of the person, not just the stuff. The stuff will always be there, but what I love most, is the person.

My husband and I have been married for 15+ years and he's still my favorite person. (Most of the time...) We have the most energetic dog, Ace (a Goldendoodle). He keeps us busy and is always right by our side on whatever adventure we're on. The kids really love him. 

Being able to find the thing you were looking for quickly is magical. Or being free from things that don't bring you joy anymore can open a world of possibilities. I understand how emotional things can leave you feeling stuck. Together, we work through some of the hard stuff so you can move forward again.

I firmly believe in the power of play (in whatever way that looks like for you),

so my goal is to help you get there faster. 

Plus, there's usually a lot of high-fiving going on when we work together. 

less clutter. more play.

My passion is people. My love is helping. My desire is to listen. 

Together, we can do more. 

I look forward to talking with you.



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