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Christi MILTZ


What is Family Organizing?

Family Organizing is a residential personal organizing service that helps all people simplify their life for a better future. 

Are you worried that your mess is too big to handle? Struggle with ADHD? Can't seem to create systems that last? Do you worry about being judged? 

​I want you to know that I'm here for you, and never judge. And I'm far from perfect. I ask a lot of questions so together we can come up with a plan to get you going in the right direction, FAST!

I work beside you, helping you decide what to do with your things. I'm equipped to handle even the toughest spaces and give you the right tools for what you're needing right now. 


Imagine twice the storage space you have today. Imagine having an extra hour in your day every day - coming home where everything has a place,

or what's not in place can easily be put away.

Imagine knowing exactly what you have so you don't

buy duplicates or waste energy looking for things. 


​Now, stop imagining. This can be your reality!

Whatever your situation, we can get through it together.
I'll help save you time and money.
It's quick and easy to get started!

Just take the first step and start with a free consultation. 

  • All residential spaces

  • Garage

  • Storage units

  • Moving in/out

  • Hurricane Prep

  • Downsizing/rightsizing

  • Kids/Teens/Families/Elderly


  • Helping the ADHD family

  • Family command centers

  • Family chores, meeting, and schedules

  • Meal Prep

  • Depression, anxiety, bipolar, TBI, PTSD

  • Physical impairments


Meet Christi

the 'chaos coordinator'

Life is fast, our houses get crazy, schedules get even crazier… and boy do I know it – my 3 boys and red headed little girl keep me on my toes. 


I’m a Texas transplant and a military wife, with a Bachelors in Parks and Recreation. I love to bring the fun! 


I get big families and being far from a support system. After moving 11 times in the last 13 years, I am not a stranger to chaos! That's why I do this. Consider me an extra pair of hands with expert advice.

I'm a lover of Jesus, not a perfectionist, and probably drink more coffee than I should... 


Organizing professionally since 2016

Servicing Niceville, Florida and surrounding areas both virtually and in person. 
Farther away? Virtual is also an option.
Live on base? No problem! I've got base access

Map of niceville with circle.PNG


We typically work in 2 hour sessions once a week, but can also be tailored to your unique situation.

4 hour package

Great for the person who just needs a little hands on help getting started, and/or consulting to find the right products for your space. 


8 hour package

1-3 areas. For the bigger situation. We work side by side as I listen and teach you new ways of doing things, while tackling the mess. 


16 hour package

Everything from the 8 hour package, but we hit lots more spaces and make even bigger changes! 


Family Prep

A great way to help get your family on the same page and instilling independence. 

4 sessions, 1.5 hours each. 

Scheduling, chores, meal prep, and The Family Meeting. 


Hurricane Prep

A family friendly interactive hour of how to prepare in the event of a hurricane. I'll leave you with a plan to get prepared so you and your family feel more calm in the storm. Virtual and in person. 


The Coffee Date

Grab a girlfriend and meet me at a coffee shop for 2 hours to discuss some of your organizing headaches. I'll make a plan to help each of you tackle your specific areas. Includes a 1 hour follow up visit to each house.  


Each package is customized to meet your individual needs. 

The more hours you purchase, the more you save! 

*I no longer take before and after photos. 

12 reasons to work with Christi:


Creative solutions. No matter what area you want to tackle, together we will make it work for every space. 


No judgement zone. Whatever you have going on, or whatever brought you to this place, there is a solution.  


Moving or just moved in? Solutions for your stuff, even if you don’t have much support at home and you’re not sure how long you’ll stay in one place. 


Professional status with NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing). I rub shoulders with the best in the organizing business and love bringing my passion to your home.


Flexibility. We will work around YOUR schedule, making it work for your life and schedule.


Speed. We can get this done much faster than if you were working alone. (And plus, we make it fun!)


Empathy. I personally understand the emotional weight that sentimental items can carry and I won’t dismiss your feelings or rush you to make decisions. Together we will process the best next steps for you. 


Integrity.  I’m not for everyone and I will be honest and let you know if we are a good fit before moving forward, so you can be assured that this process will work for YOU. 


Confidentiality. Our time together is sacred and anything shared will be kept between the two of us. I honor your past, your stories, and your secrets. My number one goal is helping you feel safe.


Community Resources. Gain access to a comprehensive list of organizations in our community that will benefit from your donations--and I can even deliver for you! When you release your items to benefit the community, everybody wins!


Haul Away Service. As we make progress and make decisions, you won’t be left with piles to deal with. I’ll help you arrange for items to be picked up, or in some cases, I’ll take items with me (donations to organizations or hazardous waste like fertilizer and cleaning supplies, so we don’t clog up landfills and waterways.)


Tons of Fun! As we work together, there’s lots of high fives and celebrations for your accomplishments and success! I put the “fun” back in functional, as we make your space work for YOU!

What clients are saying:



Christi is a fantastic organizer. When I was 6 months pregnant we decided to do a remodel, and our house was in complete chaos. I called Christi in tears when I couldn't take it anymore. She came over, took a look at what would have been overwhelming to most people and just jumped in. There was no judgement, and she didn't make me feel embarrassed or ashamed of what my house had become. She worked alongside me and taught me effective strategies to manage clutter, purge without emotion, and organize things in a way that was easy to maintain. Then, we moved into a new house. I put what she taught me into motion from day one. Packing and unpacking were a total breeze, and because of the way things were packed, friends and family were easily able to help me unpack and put things away without looking for guidance. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to work with Christi and I happily recommend her services to anyone. Our contractor even asked for her info when he saw what she did with our mess in just a few days!



I first saw Christi‘s work when she transformed one of my best friend’s spaces. It was beautiful, but also super functional, and that’s what we desperately needed. She had just moved away from the area, so we did a two hour virtual session, and it was SO helpful! We got so much done, and so much sorted, and I learned some really great techniques that I have utilized in the rest of our house. Rather than just trying to find storage for everything, we are now identifying functions for spaces, so our house is not only organized, but it works a lot more smoothly. We’re not done yet, but we have made so much amazing progress thanks to her!! Even my kids are starting to get it!



Christi came into my home during a time when my life was in chaos, and my home reflected it. It was no longer a place of peace. Christi took on my challenges, worked with me and didn't just organize for me, but she worked along side me and taught me essential skills for reclaiming my home and maintaining that level of organization. The process ended up being a very emotional one, and Christi was so gentle as we worked through trauma and healing. She is an amazing soul with an incredible gift.

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